Extracurricular Activities

The MFE program offers several extracurricular activities to help develop students’ ability as well as provide inspiration and motivation for students through a series of competitions and social activities.

The followings are some of MFE’s extracurricular activities that had been carried out over the years:

Rotman International Trading Competition
Selected MFE students participate in series of exciting trading cases as a team. The trading cases mimic certain aspects of real-world settings, providing safe environment for participants to practice trading skills in new various asset classes. During the event, students get opportunity to meet like-minded fellows who share similar interest in Finance.

MFE get-together
Every year in first term, current MFE students, alumni, and faculty, meet up for a meal and fun activities. This is a great opportunity for students to connect with our MFE network where you can learn about the experience during the program or life after graduation.