What is MFE?

The Master Program in Financial Engineering

In the global financial industry today, advancements in the financial markets and developments in the field of financial engineering have given rise to the demand for finance professionals who have strong technical and quantitative skills.

As financial engineering becomes an increasingly important field in finance, practitioners are often required to work with sophisticated mathematical models and numerical algorithms to perform various job functions, such as pricing complicated securities, developing trading strategies, assessing/managing risk and evaluating the performance of firms.

The Master program in Financial Engineering at Chulalongkorn University provides a rigorous technical training for students who plan to pursue a leading position in risk management, regulatory bodies, funds, investment banks, commercial banks, financial software companies and other firms around the world. Our one-year curriculum will equip students with cutting-edge knowledge in applied mathematics, which is complimented by a strong foundation in finance — a winning combination that will provide graduates with a competitive advantage when pursuing a successful career in finance.