Puttipon Vattanakitsangdao (MFE 01)
VP - Senior Specialist, Market Risk Model Validation, Maybank Singapore
This program provides me not just only technical knowledge, but also the way you approach problems systematically. Although the programs are intense and is required a huge effort, the reward is tremendously worthwhile especially in my career. A genuine thanks to this program and all of the professors.

Pavarich Suwanpeatai (MFE 02)
Derivative Trader, Self-employed
The MFE program is a worthy program to invest. This program helped me understand the structure of complicated financial products through class assignments and the excellent instructions. It's true that this program is not suitable for everyone but every effort you put into this course is surely worth it. The assignments in class are applicable to the real financial world. I fully recommend this program.

Suporanee Kalayanakoul (MFE 02)
Quantitative Analyst in Risk Management, Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Plc.
Every challenge I faced in the courses made me stonger. The curriculum is well-suited my needs at work.

Kitiphong Kanjanathanalert (MFE 04)
Risk Manager, Krungthai Asset Management Public Company Limited
The MFE Program promotes learning through a curriculum designed by experienced professors. It provides rigorous foundation and comprehensive knowledge in Financial Engineering nescessary for a successful career after graduation.

Najakorn Khajonchotpanya (MFE 05)
Forex Trader, Self-employed
This MFE programme has equipped me with essential knowledge, tools, and skills. The small class size enhanced my learning experience, with individualised feedbacks and fruitful discussions. Finally, this MFE degree has opened numerous doors in both academics and industry.

Soros Chitsiripanich (MFE 05)
Doctoral student, Institute of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich, Switzerland
This is an ultra intensive yet relevant program, notably for those who are enthusiastic about the world of quantitative finance. Yes, my MFE journey was tough and continuously challenging my commitment, but at the end of the 2-year road, the hard work paid off. This program has equipped me well with skills and mindsets that are necessary to thrive under competitive environment of my current doctoral program.

Chotipong Charoensom (MFE 06)
Senior Examiner, Risk Assessment and Modeling Department, Bank of Thailand
The MFE program enhanced my technical knowledge and skills. It can be applied and also extended in many areas of economics, finance and other related quantitative analysis.

Watthana Chaichankul (MFE 06)
Manager, Retail Credit Risk Modelling, Kiatnakin Bank - Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group
The MFE program provides both solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills which demonstrate application of academic framework to real world problems. Valuable supports from instructors literally helped me get through a tough time during my study. The experience here prepared me well for my current work career.

Sittichoke Prasopchoke (MFE 07)
Integrated Risk Management and Analytic Officer, Kasikorn Bank
This MFE program provided me with the knowledge in finance and advanced mathematics which is essential for my quantitative finance career.

Wisuth Raweerojthanatt (MFE 07)
Analyst, Bangkok Bank
This MFE program is so exciting, challenging, and compact. The instructors are very skillful. I have developed a lot of mathematical skills and am ready to use them as tools in the financial world.