The MFE offers both one-year full-time and two-year part-time programs in financial engineering. Classes are taught in English and take place during the weekday evenings or weekends. The full-time program has both thesis (plan A) and non-thesis (plan B) options, while the part-time program offers only the non-thesis option. To be qualified for non-thesis option, the applicants must provide evidence of at least one year of work experience (counted up to the end of May in the first academic year).

To graduate from the program, each student must complete a minimum of 36 credits and maintain a GPA of 3.00 or higher. Students in plan A must complete a thesis of 12 credits, and students in plan B must complete a research project of 6 credits. The structure of the required and elective courses is as follow:

Program Structure Plan A Plan B
Coursework 24 30
Core Courses 20 20
Elective Courses 4 10
Thesis 12 -
FE project - 6
Total Credits 36 36